Siri "Eyes Free" integration coming to new Chevy cars next year
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Siri, the world famous virtual assistant unleashed by Apple for iOS on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, will be fully integrated into a couple of new cars from General Motors that will be launched some time in early 2013. To be more specific, GM plans to include Siri on its upcoming Chevrolet Spark and Chevrolet Sonic cars with the new "Eyes Free" feature which was first announced by Apple back at this year's WWDC. With Siri in place, the drivers of these upcoming GM vehicles will be able to perform certain tasks like sending text messages and launching apps without having to pick up their devices.

What Else You Need To Know

  • A dedicated "Siri" button will be installed in compatible cars in order to help car owners fully enjoy the upcoming "Eyes Free" feature and use voice commands to perform tasks on their devices without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

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The move by General Motors to integrate Siri into its lower priced models is certainly a welcome one. - Chris Oldroyd, IMore  
This move is much-needed in this time where automotive companies are behind the curve when it comes to catching up with technology. - Charles West, Intomobile  
GM first to integrate Siri with new Chevy models  

General Motors has announced that it will be the first car maker to integrate Apple's Siri into its vehicles.

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GM first to sport Siri’s ‘Eyes Free’ feature with the Chevy Sonic and Spark starting next year  

Eyes Free lets automakers include a button on their automobiles that allows drivers to initiate Siri for sending messages, making calls, setting reminders, launching apps, and accessing a slew of information from inside of the car without picking up the device.

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GM will be first automaker to use Apple's 'Eyes Free' Siri integration  

General Motors on Tuesday announced that it will be integrating Apple's new "Eyes Free" Siri mode in two of its cars early next year, making it the first car maker in the world to implement the technology in a commercial product.

General Motors set to be the first car manufacturer to integrate Siri into its new cars
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GM announces first vehicles with Siri ‘Eyes Free’ integration
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Siri coming soon to Chevy budget cars
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Siri ‘Eyes Free’ Integration Coming To Chevrolet Spark And Sonic Early Next Year
Siri Coming to Chevrolet Cars in Early 2013
Siri Steering Wheel Control Comes to Chevy Spark & Sonic
Apple’s Siri assistant coming to 2 Chevy cars in 2013  

Notably, the automaker isn’t adding Apple’s service to any of high-end models just yet, but these two smaller cars, which are aimed at buyers on a budget.