Samsung Sets June 20 Event to Reveal New Mobile Devices
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Samsung is holding an event June 20th in London to unveil new mobile devices. Samsung confirmed that the "Samsung Premiere 2013" event will focus on both the Galaxy and Ativ brands. The Galaxy brand covers its Android phones and tablets while the newer Ativ brand covers Windows Phone handsets and other Windows devices. The invite only teases few different angles of some unknown devices, although there are rumors that the Galaxy S4 mini and a new Windows Phone 8 ATIV, or a new tablet would be unveiled. The London show will kick off at 2 p.m. ET (7PM BST) and will be livestreamed at Samsung's YouTube channel.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Samsung has already launched its flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, April 26 this year, and released the Galaxy Note 2 in September last year.
  • The event will come just one week after rival Apple's yearly developer conference, WWDC, which would likely report important announcements about the iPhone and iPad maker's upcoming software and hardware.

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The company is yet to make much of a dent; the ATIV S, released last year, was met with some pretty middling reviews. - Nick Summers, The Next Web  
The Next Web
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