Samsung starts mass production of 128GB memory cards for mobile devices

Samsung has reportedly started mass producing its upcoming 128GB eMMC Pro memory cards for mobile devices. The new storage cards, announced as the industry's first of its kind at the Samsung Mobile Solution Forum 2012, are built based on 20nm technology and offer read/write speeds of 140MB/s and 50MB/s, respectively. That's about five times faster than today's class 10 microSD cards.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Samsung hasn't detailed where its new 128GB storage cards for mobile devices will first become available--or for how much--but there is current speculation that it might be launched alongside its next flagship smartphone.

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I’ve said it before, multi-core processors are all good and dandy, but show me an OS installed on some uber fast memory and I’ll show you a snappy mobile experience. - Chris Chavez, Phandroid  
If the Galaxy S4 lands with such a huge amount of inbuilt storage, it’ll definitely rustle the jimmies of anyone trying to compete, Apple included. - Adam Bunker, Electric Pig  
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