In an interesting move, Rogers has decided to give System Access Fees (SAF) the boot beginning on October 5th. Good, right? Well, unfortunately, it doesn't end there yet. In place of the dreaded SAF is GRRF, otherwise known as the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee.


What’s this GRRF all about? Here’s what Rogers has to say about it:

Basically, it’s a new fee added per line to your monthly billing, but will range from as little as $2.52 to a high of $3.49 depending on whether provincial 911 fees are applicable.

So this doesn't exactly translate into savings on your current plan. Here’s the breakdown per province of the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee:

Rogers GRRF breakdown per province

It should be noted though that this GRRF-laden SAF-less plan only applies to new clients and existing customers who opt in the new approach. To further entice existing subscribers to switch, they’re also throwing in free Call Forwarding, WhoCalled, and Call Manager into the package as well. That’s $11 worth of free services just to get you on-board their new billing system. Not bad, eh?

Nonetheless, as good as this all sounds, this doesn't offer much of a solution for those hoping to lower their monthly bills. How about you Rogers subscribers out there? What do you think of this new billing system? Will you stay on your current SAF-charged plan or will you switch to this GRRF-billed plan?


UPDATE: Apparently, there's also a $5 increase as well effectively making the new SAF-less GRRF-charged plans relatively the same if not more expensive than the current ones. So basically, Rogers won't be losing that much with these new plans in effect. More info can be found here.