HuaweiIf you’re already jumping for joy with Rogers HSPA+ 21Mbps roll-out in Canada and T-Mobile in the US, you might want to check out what’s happening on the other side of the globe where bigger things are being planned for 2010. As if 21Mbps isn’t fast enough, Huawei has just announced that they will be putting up a 56Mbps HSPA+ network next year in China. They’ve already successfully demonstrated its capabilities during the P&T/Wireless & Networks Comm China 2009 in Beijing, and what’s even better is that their partner operators can simply upgrade to this new network via software upgrade allowing them to save on additional costs and expenses.

Unfortunately, as good as that all sounds, we highly doubt that a 56Mbps HSPA+ network will make any appearance in the North American region anytime soon. For what it’s worth, this latest bit of news should put things into proper perspective, and let everyone realize that there’s still a lot room for improvement. You can read their full press release here.