Here’s the latest on the HTC Leo front. Remember that Pro Three name stamped on its battery cover? It looks like it’s just an internal codename or some ploy to throw people of as to what this device will really be called. got a chance to play around with one and they’ve managed to dig up some new info on this behemoth of a touchscreen phone including its potential final commercial name.

HTC Leo rear

First off, it’s now confirmed that the HTC Leo comes with micro-USB connector as opposed to the mini-USB port found on previous HTC phones. It’s also now known its battery is rated at 1200Mha, but most important of all, when connecting via Bluetooth, the Leo is actually detected as the HTC HD2 confirming what we've already suspected before. With its massive 4.3-inch display, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out why this phone, in all likelihood, will be the successor to the Touch HD.

On a similar note,, the guys who first leaked the HTC Leo, has also released this video showcasing this upcoming touchscreen phone.

Over all, it’s everything we’re hoping it would be. All we’re waiting for now is for HTC to make the Leo official already. Hopefully, the Leo/Pro Three/HD2 or whatever the heck it's called won't follow in the footsteps of the Touch HD and will be released in the North American market.