It’s been a while since we last talked about the BlackBerry Onyx, but now, we’ve got a press photo of it to whet your appetite for this upcoming RIM phone.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

Courtesy of CIO, this is the first official picture of the BlackBerry Onyx, also being referred to as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, that’s available on internet and shows off its optical trackpad (in lieu of the traditional trackball) complete with T-Mobile branding. The BlackBerry Onyx is confirmed to come with visual voicemail, access to the BlackBerry App World, TeleNav GPS Navigator, 3G connectivity, WiFi, and an Amazon MP3 application. No word on its camera rating, but given that this will be one of their new top-of-the-line models, this could be the rumored 5-megapixel phone RIM was working on since last year.

The BlackBerry Onyx is expected to be released by T-Mobile before 2009 comes to a close. AT&T probably won’t be far behind with their version of the Onyx.