We haven't gotten any official word from Telus yet as to how their HSPA network implementation is progressing, but based on previous reports, they should have finished majority of the work on it already enough to soft-launch it last September 2.

Telus SIM cardHowever, in lieu of any official statement from the Canadian carrier, we do have this sneak peak at what appears to be a Telus SIM card courtesy of Wirelezz of HowardForums. This could mean nothing, but on the flipside, this can also be a very good sign that their nearing an eventual launch pretty soon. Let’s just take this one for what it is – a preview of things to come.

Nonetheless, if you piece together this latest news and what we’ve heard in the past, it looks like Telus will be ready to finally rock their HSPA network come October on their way to launching an LTE network in 2010.