The Samsung Messager II, also known as the Samsung Vice, has been available in Canada via Bell since last May, but it’s only now that both MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless are offering this QWERTY-equipped slider to their valued customers.


Renowned for its dual-keypad design, the Samsung Messager II also features a 2-megapixel camera, EV-DO connectivity, Bluetooth, and 31MB ROM expandable via its microSD card slot supporting up to 8GB in capacity. MetroPCS has already posted it on their website and is retailing for $149. Cricket Wireless, meanwhile, has yet to list the Samsung Messager II on their site, but as far as pricing goes, PhoneScoop says it’s selling for $199.99.

Of course, if what you really need is a feature-packed smartphone, you’re better off with another handset. However, if it’s a relatively affordable QWERTY-equipped mobile phone your after, then the Samsung Messager II might just be the phone for you.