Do you love to groove to your own beats? Do you have plans of becoming a DJ someday? Do you own an iPhone? If your answer to these questions is a definite yes, you should try out the GrooveMaker app for the iPhone.

groovemaker housegroovemaker interface

Released by IK Multimedia, this nifty little app gives you the necessary tools to enable you to mix your own tracks with complete ease. The basic GrooveMaker pack is free and comes with 1 song and 125 loops, but there are also other packs available for retail that features more songs and loops. There’s the GroveMaker Club pack (2 songs, 189 loops - $4.99/€3.99), Hip-Hop pack (4 songs, 315 loops - $9.99/€7.99), and House pack (4 songs, 315 loops - $9.99/€7.99) with 4 more (Techno, Trance, D’N’B, and Electro) coming soon.

groovemaker house songsgroovemaker loops

Each song in the pack basically serves as the foundation to start your own mix. You can then customize it using the wide selection of loops available in each pack. A total of 8 tracks can be played simultaneously, and you have the ability to isolate each track or mute it accordingly. With a wide variety of options available at your disposal and a very snappy interface, you’ll be mixing your own beats in no time at all and enjoying it at the same time.

Here's a short video demo of how it works:

Unfortunately, as good as it is, it still has its own set of flaws. Saving a completed mix can only be opened using the GrooveMaker pack and song used to create it. Likewise, you can’t import a song from your personal collection for use in GrooveMaker.

Nonetheless, we can’t discount the fact that this is truly one empowering and full-featured app. Try out the free version first to see for yourself what we’re really talking about, and then decide on whether the other packs are worth purchasing at the App Store, but if you’re an aspiring DJ, there's no doubt in our minds that you’ll love the iPhone GrooveMaker app.