The Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 and M20 mobile phones are slowly making the round across the Asian region, and while we still don’t when it will cross the Pacific and debut in the US, we just got word that AT&T will be the lucky carrier to offer it up in the US.


This was revealed by a Garmin-Asus representative during the M20’s launch in Taiwan. The nuvifone G60 will apparently be marketed as a Personal Navigation Device (PND) with phone and web functionality, while the Windows Mobile 6.1-powered M20 will be launched as a smartphone with advance navigation capabilities. As far as pricing goes, nothing’s official yet, but given that unlocked M20s are selling for roughly $545 in Taiwan, this should give us an idea of how much it should cost once it debuts on AT&T.

On a similar note, the M20 is now ready for pre-order in Poland which is a good sign that Garmin-Asus is slowly getting their act together and rolling out their mobile phone across the globe. Hopefully, with the M20's nearing release in Poland, the US won’t be far behind.