What could have been AT&T’s official entry into the Android scene, the HTC Lancaster will sadly only remain as just that – a could have been.


According to the latest new off the grapevine, AT&T has apparently shelved the Android-powered QWERTY-equipped full-touchscreen handset. We’re not exactly why the sudden change of heart, but to serve as a consolation, two Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC devices are now being rumored for an October release on AT&T. While the device names weren’t explicitly mentioned, Engadget believes it could be none other than the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 codenamed the Warhawk and Fortress respectively.

Sure, these two HTC smartphones are pretty decent alternatives, but an Android-based phone would have still been better as it would have definitely opened up a whole new market for AT&T. Oh well, I guess for now T-Mobile will still continue to enjoy a monopoly on the Android market in the US as they remain to be the only carrier in the country to have several Android phone offerings under their name.