If you’re looking for an app to provide turn-by-turn driving instructions on the iPhone, then TomTom’s new offering might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

TomTom iPhone navigation apps

Being one of the more reputable names in the industry, TomTom has finally released their app for use on Apple’s mobile phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. The price depends on the TomTom app version you select: New Zealand ($94.99), Australia ($79.99), Western Europe ($139.99), and US & Canada ($99.99). Nonetheless, if you’re in dire need of a reliable turn-by-turn navigation service for the iPhone, then splurging on TomTom’s new apps will certainly be money well spent. You can check it out and download it here (iTunes link).

On a similar note, TomTom will also be releasing an iPhone car kit which, apart from providing a mount and charger for your iPhone, also comes with a mapping software, and improves the GPS on the iPhone as well. A mic and speakerphone is also built-in to provide hands-free use while driving. Not that we’re advocating using your mobile phone while driving, but it’s a nice feature to have especially in emergency situations. How much will it cost? Rumors point to a £113.85 price tag or roughly $194. No word on when this will be released, but granted that TomTom has already unleashed their iPhone apps at the App Store, we might see this debut sooner than later.