We’ve been hearing about a Nokia N97 Mini for quite sometime now. While we were a bit skeptical at first about this rumored device, the surfacing of this side-by-side pic of with the N97 courtesy of Engadget has convinced us to change our position on the matter.

nokia n97 mini

Now that it’s confirmed that it's indeed reak, Mobilereview has also graciously added some other helpful info to the discussion on this upcoming smartphone. With the exception of a smaller form factor and storage capacity (8GB/16GB as opposed to 32GB), the N97 Mini will actually feature the same specs found on its heftier twin. It will also come with a more affordable price, 100 EUR cheaper to be exact, and is expected to be officially announced at Nokia World ’09 next month. It won’t replace to the N97, but will, in fact, co-exist with it as the Mini is targeting that segment of the market which feels that the N97 is somewhat too big and pricey for their personal taste. Nokia is very optimistic of the N97 Mini even going as far as predicting that it will mimic the success of the N95.

We’re not quite sure if the N97 Mini can indeed match the N95’s success considering how competitive the market is nowadays, but we’re pretty sure that it will have a following of its own especially if its released with a more budget-friendly price tag. How about you guys? What are you're thoughts on Nokia's new N97 Mini offering?