As far as the US is concerned, the Palm Pre has been available for quite sometime now from Sprint and Best Buy outlets. However, if due to some horrific experience in the past you’d rather get it from someone else aside from the two companies, we’re happy to tell you can gladly do so with Amazon (contradicting prior rumors that it will exclusively be available to Best Buy only).

amazon palm pre

Getting it on contract is the best route to go as you can get for just $199.99 sans any mail-in rebate forms similar to what Best Buy is offering. Opting to go contract-free, however, is where it gets pretty interesting. Best Buy has theirs priced at a whopping $749.99 while Sprint is offering theirs at a more affordable price of $549.99. Amazon? They have the contract-free Sprint Palm Pre selling for just a mere $499.99, the best outright purchase price for the Palm Pre so far. The only drawback here is that they don’t have inventory to ship this baby out the door immediately once an order is placed. You’ll have to wait 4-6 weeks before your Palm Pre purchase arrives.

Nonetheless, if you’re the patient type, you now buy Palm Pre from Amazon. For more info, you can head on over here. As for Canadians, there's nothing else you can do but continue to wait for Bell to officially release the Palm Pre in Canada.