Those of you on Rogers/Fido who already own an iPhone and are looking into upgrading to the iPhone 3G S will be a happy to know that Rogers/Fido has extended their iPhone 3G S promotion up until September 15th.

iPhone 3G S

The original promotion period is ending today, but they’ve decided to extend it for another month and a half which should give you guys ample time to head on over to either Rogers or Fido to avail of this limited time offer. The mechanics are basically the same as before so there's still have a variety of ways by which you can acquire the new iPhone 3G S. Unfortunately, we hear that the waiting time is now up to 1 month. Ouch!

Of course, if you're looking for some better deals, you can always settle for a cheaper refreshed iPhone 3G from Fido, but with its faster performance and other improved hardware, it’s hard to pass on iPhone 3G S.