After a day or so, Bell has kept their promise and finally released the Samsung Link to their loyal subscribers. Unfortunately, their pricing scheme isn’t as sweet as what Virgin Mobile has on their side of the fence.

bell samsung link

As far as 3-year contracts go, Bell, without question, has the better deal as they’ve got the Link for $0 while Virgin Mobile has theirs for $29.99. The 2-year contract price is the same for both carriers, but the single year price is where it starts to dip for Bell. Virgin Mobile has theirs priced for just $99.99 while Bell, on the other hand, is offering their Link for the hefty price of $229.95. Getting it outright from Bell will likewise cost you more, $279.95 to be exact, as opposed to just $99.99 from Virgin Mobile.

True, Virgin Mobile may now be owned by Bell, but it seems that there are still a lot of things different between the two carriers most notable of which is how they price their handsets. You can get more info regarding Bell's Samsung link by heading on over here.