It may have taken Telus a little longer than expected, but those eagerly waiting for the HTC Snap and Touch Pro2 can rest easy as it is now available from the Canadian carrier.

Telus HTC Snap (left), HTC Touch Pro2 (right)

The HTC Snap is, understandably, the more affordable one of the pair as it can be had for $0 on a 3-year contract. Better hurry though if you want to get it for free as this is just a promotional price only. Getting it on a 2-year and single year contract will cost $299.99 and $349.99 respectively. Outright purchase price of the Snap is pegged at $399.99. The HTC Touch Pro2, meanwhile, is priced at $249.99 on a 3-year contract. It retails for $549.99 and $599.99 on a 2-yr and single year contract respectively and costs $649.99 for outright purchase. It's undeniable more pricey, but it also packs more features than its Snap sibling.

So, are Telus' new HTC phones good enough for you, or are you just sick of the whole Windows Mobile platform already and ready to jump on board the Android, iPhone or Palm Pre bandwagon?