The iPhone Nano rumor pretty much died down when the iPhone 3G S was unveiled last month. However, the surfacing of this Apple patent design will surely arouse everyone’s curiosity once again on this matter.


According to the patent submission, this purported iPhone Nano will have its front serve as a display only while the back will feature a “force-sensitive touch based surface.” It’s quite a novel idea though we’re not exactly sure how user-friendly it will actually be. Likewise, considering how patents work, we’d take this latest news with a grain of salt as it's not necessarily a guarantee that it will go into commercial production. For more info, you can check out MacNN 's comprehensive report on this.


Be that as it may, this does, however, confirm that Apple is indeed working on an iPhone Nano design. As to whether they will push through with it and release it into the market is a completely different story, but for now, we’re content with simply knowing that Apple is considering the idea of expanding their iPhone portfolio apart from the current form factor.