Sure, the new iPhone 3G S is certainly a speed demon, but its 600MHz ARM processor is still no match for Qualcomm’s 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Well, that’s about to change as both Samsung and Intrinsity have announced their new ARM Cortex A8 processor code-named the Hummingbird.


This new chip is based on the same design currently used by the iPhone 3G S and Palm Pre, but will offer faster clock speeds and more efficient power consumption. It wasn’t exactly mentioned when and where this new ARM chip will become available on, but CNET predicts it could debut on the next-generation model of the iPhone or Palm Pre.

Samsung could drop Hummingbird into the existing S5PC100 design with few or no changes," Halfhill said in response to an e-mail query, referring to the S5PC100 processor now used in the iPhone 3GS. "Bingo! A next-gen iPhone that could run at speeds up to 1.0GHz," he said.

We’re not in any position to dispute this at the moment. However, considering that Apple usually unveils a new iPhone offering only once every year, that basically means we’ll have to wait another whole year to get our hands on a Hummingbird-powered mobile phone.

Needless to say, we’re hoping to see other devices apart from the iPhone showcase this new ARM processor first; on a new Omnia perhaps? We can only guess for now, but rest assured, we’ll report on such a device once we get hold of any info on it.