Admittedly, we’re now more interested in Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X3 than the X2, but that doesn’t mean we won’t give the XPERIA X2 the same love and attention we’ll be giving the X3. As a matter of fact, here’s something that should get the ball rolling once again for Sony Ericsson’s follow up to the X1.


This video shows off the new Windows Mobile 6.5 running on the XPERIA X2. While we get to see very little of the device, we do get to see a lot of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the new Panels made for this device. This isn’t exactly the best hands-on video we’ve seen, but as far as the XPERIA X2 is concerned, this is the best we’ve got at the moment. Likewise, the software and the device itself seems to be a little sluggish and a bit buggy, but this can just be because this is early pre-release/prototype model.

Nonetheless, we love how the cool animation effect on the new panel interface and it does look very promising. Provided that we won't have to wait for another year for this baby to be released, we can see this becoming a potential hit in the market. How about you guys? What do you guys think of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 so far?