We still don’t know when the new BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2 will officially hit the market, but here’s a hands-on video of it that will surely whet your appetite for RIM’s latest touchscreen phone.

blackberry storm 2 video

This is courtesy of Crackberry, and it gives us a very decent look at this upcoming handset. However, it should be noted that this is still a very early pre-release model which basically means that there could be some tweaks and enhancements added in the final version. With that being said, physically, it does look pretty sleek and more attractive than the original Storm. RIM has also addressed the clicking sound of the display by disabling it when the device is turned off, and the display doesn’t sink/move as much anymore which helps in providing for a better touch experience. The OS, unfortunately, is still the same as the first one, but this can still be modified in the final version.

As they mentioned in the video, first-generation Storm owners probably won’t be too dismayed with the arrival of the Storm 2 since it almost looks just like an identical twin to the first release. However, since the 9550 now comes with WiFi, this will certainly play a huge role in influencing one’s decision to upgrade or not. Of course, price will always be an issue, but we’ll delve more into that once pricing info is made available.