Are you still craving for that LG GD910 watch phone that was showcased earlier this year at CES? Well, here’s some good news for you.


The LG GD910 watch phone has just cruised over by the office of the FCC and got approved for US retail. Nevertheless, with that being said, though, an FCC filing isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it will become available in the US, but since getting FCC approval is the first step in the journey of any mobile phone seeking to debut in the US market, we can rest easy now knowing that the LG GD910 has begun its voyage into North American shores. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it stays true to this course, and sees it through until the very end.

As far as pricing goes, we’ll have to wait for more info on that to become available later on. However, taking a hint from its retail value in the Europe, if I were you, I’d start saving up for this truly unique mobile phone/watch as it most likely won’t come cheap.