Bell took the initiative and unleashed their BlackBerry Tour last week in Canada ahead of its rumored July 17th release date. Well, it seems that Telus has no problems matching their rival carrier with releasing the BlackBerry Tour earlier than expected as they just made theirs now officially available as well.

telus blackberry tour

Starting today, you can get the BlackBerry Tour from Telus for as little as $229.99 on a 3-year contract. Bell, for their part, has their Tour priced at $249.95 on similar contract term conditions. Getting it on a 2-year or single year contract from Telus will cost you $499.99 (Bell: $549.95) and $549.99 (Bell: $649.95) respectively, while outright purchase price of the Tour stands at $599.99 (Bell: $699.95). As you can see, Telus’ BlackBerry Tour is priced much cheaper than Bell’s across the board.

Apparently, Telus is trying to make a point here. Bell may have beaten them to the punch in releasing the BlackBerry Tour in Canada, but they won’t be outdone as far as pricing is concerned. Don't you just love the competition between these carriers? Hopefully, the release of their upcoming HTC Snap and Touch Pro2 won't be far behind and will be available with equally delectable price points as well.