We’re still waiting on Bell to announce when they will release the Palm Pre. However, if you want to win yourself one, simply enter your name and contact details here, and you stand a chance to bag yourself a Palm Pre of your own without spending a single cent.

Bell Palm Pre contest

Likewise, we still don’t know how much it will actually cost, but reading the rules of the said contest does give us an idea how much it will retail without any obligations involved. It states in that the winner will win one 3G Palm Pre with an approximate retail value of $650. Given at how Bell usually prices their phones, the outright purchase cost of the Bell Palm Pre should more or less be $649.95. Anyway, if you’re looking to spend as little as you can for a new phone, joining the contest is the best way to go. It won't cost you anything to join and will just eat up a few seconds of your time. The contest will run until August 31 with the grand drawn happening on September 7th.

Considering the duration of the contest, a logical guess points to Bell releasing the Palm Pre in early September which, unfortunately, gives us another whole month of waiting for Palm’s latest and greatest smartphone to become commercially available in Canada.