Last year, there was talk of Sony Ericsson possibly coming out with an Android-powered XPERIA handset. Now, based on this new picture and video, it appears that they’re more than ready to enter the Android scene, and looks well prepared to take the competition head on.


Not settling to be just another handset manufacturer slapping on the Android OS on their hardware, Sony Ericsson has apparently whipped up an Android UI overlay of their own to pimp out their upcoming XPERIA “Rachael” Android handset. While our vote still goes to HTC’s Sense UI, this one from Sony Ericsson demoed in the video below isn’t that bad at all.

As far as specs go, this new XPERIA phone can easily be considered as part of the cream of the crop when it’s released. With an 8-megapixel camera, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and HSDPA connectivity, it’s got what it takes to rival, and even beat, what Android veteran HTC currently has to offer.

Unfortunately, this is all the info we have for now. We neither have an idea on when it will debut and how much it will actually cost. Not to worry, though. With an impressive spec sheet and a delectable UI overlay, we’re definitely keeping tabs on this one.