Trying to keep in step with rivals Samsung and Sony Ericsson, LG has unveiled their 12-megapixel mobile phone dubbed as the LG GC990 Louvre.


The LG GC990 features a 3.2-inch 16M color touchscreen display, Bluetooth, WiFi with DLNA, GPS/A-GPS, TV-out, accelerometer, and of course we can’t forget, a 12.1-megapixel autofocus camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens and Xenon flash to boot. You also get a choice between touch focusing or using its intellizoom feature. Likewise, it’s also capable of recording HD (1280x780) videos at 30fps. Similar to the LG Arena, this baby runs on the new S-Class Touch UI.


Excited for the LG GC990 Louvre already? So are we! Unfortunately, LG has just revealed that this is actually just a concept for now and it might not even be released in the market.

"The GC990 or 'Louvre' mobile phone from LG, is a great example of the type of mobile technology innovation LG is developing. This is a concept model only however, and as such there are no confirmed plans to bring it to market. As we have further details on our camera-phone portfolio or other mobiles, LG will provide information on where and when they will be available to consumers."

Yeah, their disclosure is a real spoiler, but at least they still know how to get us consumers excited about their products. Hopefully, the next time they showcase a new phone, it’ll be a working one with an assurance that it will become available in the market sometime soon.