If you like the Palm Pre but disappointed by the fact that it’s a CDMA phone, this latest bit of news might be of interest to you.


The Guardian reports that a GSM version of the Pal Pre will be launched in the UK via O2. A specific launch date and price wasn’t disclosed, but we’ll probably get more details on these by next week when everything is expected to be made official. Given that O2 already has exclusive rights to the iPhone for distribution in the UK, getting the Palm Pre will no doubt strengthen their position in the market and get more subscribers to their side of the fence.

So, if you’re really determined to be one of the first owners of a GSM Palm Pre smartphone, head on over to Europe so you can snag one for yourself from O2. Of course, if it’s too expensive for you to be jet setting across the globe, you could wait for a Palm Pre GSM phone to be released locally, but as to when that will exactly happen is still anybody’s guess at the moment.