Mozilla Firefox fan boys now have a reason to rejoice. Mozilla has just released version Alpha 2 of Fennec for Windows Mobile, and unlike any of its previous releases, this one works on all Window Mobile 6 running devices and not just the HTC Touch Pro.

Mozilla Fennec Alpha 2

Apart from that, it also features improved panning performance, a newly designed theme, improved add-on support, and a built-in JavaScript error console as well as numerous bug fixes and a polished UI. If you're using your Windows Mobile device to view this page right now, you can simply head on over here to install it on your phone. Likewise, you can still install a version on desktop/laptop to try out first. Just select an appropriate version here to download to your computer.

While we have yet to hear Mozilla announce when the final and full version of Fennec will roll out, the availability of version Alpha 2 is a good indication that its eventual release probably won't be far behind.