We know that the Sony Ericsson C510a will be coming to Canada, and now, we also know that it can be purchased from Rogers.


This 3.2-megapixel Cybershot phone can be had for as little as $79.99 on a 3-yr contract. Choosing to get it on a 2-yr contract will cost you $129.99 while opting for a single year will amount to $179.99. Outright purchase price is pegged at $299.99. Not bad, don’t you think for a Cybershot mobile phone that comes with GPS, FM radio, native YouTube app, and 30fps video recording functionality? For more info, head on over here.


On a similar note, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is also now available on Rogers. Sony Ericsson’s long overdue Windows Mobile powered smartphone is retailing for $249.99 on a 3-year contract, $449.99 for 2-years, $549.99 on a single year, and $599.99 outright purchase. The official pricing scheme of Rogers for the XPERIA X1, unfortunately, doesn’t stray far away from what was already revealed in the past.

Considering you can get the new and improved iPhone 3G S 16GB model for just $199 on a 3-year contract from Rogers, we’re not completely sure who would still be interested in getting this particular Sony Ericsson smartphone especially at its price point. If they’d slash a $150 off its price tag similar to what Palm did with their Treo Pro, then that would be more reasonable, but as the current situation stands, that remains yet to be seen.