With the recent release of the Palm Pre, its expected that some of the spotlight will be shifted away from its predecessors, the Treo Pro. So, in an effort to move some leftover stock more quickly out the door, Palm has shaved off a full $150 of the Palm Treo Pro's price tag.


That’s right folks. The fully unlocked Palm Treo Pro is now retailing for just $399. Sure, it’s nowhere near the caliber of the Palm Pre and it runs on an aging Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, but hey, its not such a bad phone considering that this was Palm’s top of the line smartphone prior to the announcement and release of the Pre. After all, with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and HSDPA connectivity on-board, the Palm Treo Pro is definitely no slouch as far as productivity is concerned.

So, if you’re more the practical type who’s more into getting the best bang for their buck rather than buying the latest and hottest gadgets in town, then this deal is surely meant for you. For more info, read more about it here.