We’ve heard the talk of how the S in the iPhone 3G S name stands for speed, but how fast is it in real life? Well, there’s no better way to answer that question than to show it in video.


This is exactly what MobileSyrup did pitting the new iPhone 3G S against the iPhone 3G. They didn’t go into the full specs and round-up of the new features found on the iPhone 3G S, but the start-up is a good enough indication of how much faster this latest iPhone really is. The iPhone 3G S is now available at Rogers and Fido with special hardware upgrade pricing for existing subscribers.

A full review is said to be in the works, and we’ll certainly be looking forward to that as well. For now, enjoy this video and be convinced for yourself how much better the iPhone 3G S actually is despite looking almost every bit the same as its iPhone 3G predecessor.