We’ve seen some weird mobile phone designs over the past few years, and even a couple of mobile phone watches. Now, if this Sony Ericsson concept design ever goes into full production, we might even see a bracelet mobile phone sometime in the future.


Dubbed as the Mobile Terminal, this mobile phone transforms into a bracelet for convenient portability. Here’s an excerpt from the patent application submitted by Sony Ericsson describing the device:

…when the mobile phone terminal is worn like a bracelet by putting the ring section on the user’s arm or the like, the portability of the mobile phone terminal is improved, and the user can see the display surface of the display device and can operate the key buttons with fingers of the other arm different from the arm on which the ring section is worn. On the other hand, when the ring section is removed from the arm, the user easily can see the display surface of the display device of the terminal body section while holding the ring section with both hands and operating the key buttons, which can achieve high operability and convenience.

Needless to say, as far as off-beat mobile phone designs are concerned, this one definitely takes the cake as being the most peculiar.

Anyway, we’re not yet even sure how determined Sony Ericsson is in pursuing this bracelet mobile phone. Considering that their current financial status isn’t that stable, it won’t be surprising at all if this doesn’t exactly get prioritized in favor of more successful models such as their Cybershot and Walkman series. Heck, we’ll even pick the outdated XPERIA X1 over this one if given a choice.

Nevertheless, kudos to them for trying to be unique.