Hot off the heels of RIM’s official announcement, we’ve now got this leaked slides showcasing Telus’ BlackBerry Tour 9630 complete with its pricing courtesy of Howard Forums.

Telus' BlackBerry Tour 9630 launch dateTelus' BlackBerry Tour 9630 pricing

According to what’s disclosed in this internal document, the Tour 9630 will retail for a promotional price of $249.99 on a 3-yr contract (regular price of $449.99 on 3-yr contract), $549.99 on a 2-yr contract, $599.99 for a single year, and $649.99 month-to-month/outright purchase. That’s a pretty steep pricing scheme if I’ve ever seen one which doesn’t even come close to Sprint's $199 offer. Granted that this is a world phone, we understand how its more expensive than the rest of the pack, but come on, isn't this just a little bit too much? Anyway, as far as its release is concerned, everything will go down on July 15.

Telus' BlackBerry Tour 9630 specs

We’ve yet to hear from Bell’s camp on how much they’ll price this new RIM smartphone, and when they will exactly release it. Nonetheless, considering that Bell and Telus are heated rivals in Canada, their release date probably won’t stray far away from Telus’.