Those of you on Koodo Mobile or planning to sign up with the carrier better listen up.

koodo-rate-changesAn internal document has just been leaked and it reveals that they will be ditching their “Serving Size 100” plan beginning next month. According to the document, effective July 20th, the Serving Size 100 will no longer be offered, but customers who sign prior to this date will get to retain their plan. The Serving Size 100 plan will be replaced by a new Serving Size 50 Evening and Weekends plan which costs $20/month. This new plan comes with up to 50 anytime minutes, up to 50 text messages, includes call waiting, conference calling, 911 and per-second billing as well as off-peak calling on weekday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am and on weekends. It's basically the same plan at the same price, but it offers up half the minutes of its former self.

It was also noted that other new plans will be revealed on July 20 as well. So, if Koodo Mobile’s Serving Size 100 plan is what you’re after, better hurry as this won't be available for the rest of the year.