Right on schedule, Bell is now offering the LG Rumour 2 as part of their line-up. In addition to its presence on Bell, this successor to the LG Rumour is now also available on Solo Mobile.


What’s even better is that the 3-yr contract price with Bell is actually more affordable than what we'd expected. It’ll now cost $39.95 as opposed to the rumored $69.95. A 2-yr and 1 year price, however, remains the same at $119.95 and $219.95 respectively. Outright price also still stands at $269.95.

Solo Mobile, meanwhile, is offering it for $50 on a 2-yr contract and $160 outright. Safe to say, if you don’t want any further obligations to the carrier, buying the LG Rumour 2 outright from Solo Mobile is the more practical choice.

Of course, the LG Rumour 2 isn't a match for the latest QWERTY handsets such as the HTC Touch Pro2 and Nokia N97. Nonetheless, it does provide consumers with a decent QWERTY-equipped handset that won't cost an arm and a leg.