sony-m2-06-01-09We like where Sony Ericsson is going with the Yari and Aino, and with this latest bit of news, we’re now more happy with the company than ever before. According to TrustedReviews, Sony Ericsson is finally and officially ditching the Memory Stick Micro media card in favor of the more popular microSD. We had an inkling that this was going to happen since the Yari, Aino, Satio, and even the relatively old K850 all come with microSD card support already. However, nothing still beats an official announcement to put an end to any lingering doubts whatsoever.

Does this mean all of their new phones will now support microSD card technology? The answer to that isn’t as clear as black and white, but Sony Ericsson Global Marketing Director Fortuné Alexander’s statement saying that they are “moving in that direction” should give you an idea that there will indeed be more microSD card supporting phones in the future.

In the context of everything that is happening in the industry right now, this is really just a small development. Be that as it may, we like this policy change which will certainly help the company stage a comeback especially after their horrendous performance in Q1 of 2009.