Rogers may have been the stuff of headlines as of late thanks to their Android phone announcement, but there’s equally exciting stuff to look forward to on Fido as well.

Fido 2009 line-up: 4GB iPhonefido-leak-1

In particular, a $99 4GB iPhone will apparently be offered by the discount carrier later this year. Based on a leaked Fido 2009 line-up, the iPhone pictured in the slide isn’t the actual model, but it was mentioned that it comes with tri-band HSDPA, quad-band GSM, a 2-megapixel camera, and video calling via iChat. This could very well be one of the new iPhones set to supposedly be announced this month. Other notable phones on the way include a $50 BlackBerry Curve 8320 (ETA: July 28), Nokia E71 (ETA: July 14), and Nokia E55, and a $75 Sony Ericsson Z780i.

Fido 2009 line-up: BlackBerry Curve 8320Fido 2009 line-up: Nokia E71 Fido 2009 line-up: Nokia E55Fido 2009 line-up: Sony Ericsson Z780i

We’re not falling off our chairs out of excitement just as we have yet to get an exact release date for some of these phones. All we know is that they'll be released sometime in Q2 and Q3, but that’s a pretty lengthy period to keep tabs on. Anyway, we’ll report back to you guys soon once more definite details are made available.