We’ve got good news for you folks out there worried that the HTC Magic and Dream Android phones might be ridiculously overpriced when sold as a handset only.

htc-rogers-magic-best-buy-rogersThis leaked shot of Best Buy’s pricing for the upcoming Android handsets on Rogers puts an end to the rumor that it’ll be sold for $649.99. Provided, of course, that they don’t change their mind or this is a complete hoax, it will, in fact, be sold for $549.99 as earlier reported sans any contract. Getting it on either a 3-yr with data or voice plan, 2-yr or single year contract will cost you $399.99, $449.99, and $499.99 respectively. Opting to go monthly will net you a $549.99 Android phone. The cheapest option is to sign-up for a 3-yr contract with a minimum $45/month voice and data plan which will then lower the price of either Android handsets to just $149.99. We still don't know how much Rogers will actually price theirs, but it's safe to say it will most likely be in the same region as what Best Buy is offering.

With these prices in mind, the question now is; are you still interested in getting a Rogers Android handset or not?