The release of the Palm Pre is just around the corner, and to get you Palm fanatics out there even more excited, BGR has come out with some hands-on pics of Palm's latest and probably greatest smartphone to date.

Palm pre hands-on courtesy of BGR
Palm pre hands-on courtesy of BGR

Based on their initial impressions, the capacitive screen is undeniable one of its best assets. They even went as far as to rate it second to the iPhone and even better than the T-Mobile G1 Android phone. It also fares well in terms of size and shape though they do not there’s a not-so-amusing plasticky feel to it. Another downside is its QWERTY keypad. It appears that Palm sacrificed over-all functionality by attempting to maintain its compact size and cramming in a QWERTY keypad. As a result, pressing the keys located at the top most row often results in accidentally hitting the keys just below it. Of course, this might vary from person to person especially if you either have chubby or slender fingers, but nonetheless, it was enough to catch the attention of the experienced guys at BGR.

Palm pre hands-on courtesy of BGRPalm pre hands-on courtesy of BGR

That’s about it for now, but a more in-depth review will certainly follow. For the time being, just feast your eyes on these Palm Pre pics that BGR is proudly sharing with the rest of the world.