Rogers has already confirmed that both the HTC Dream and Magic will be released in Canada, but they didn’t share pricing details. However, thanks to the reliable sources of BGR, we now know that both Android phones might have a contract-free price of $549.99.


The on-contract price is still uncertain, but based on the info provided, it might be offered for just $149.99 on a 3-yr plan. Likewise, it was also discovered that Rogers might bring back their 6GB/$30 data plan which they introduced last year to bundle with the iPhone 3G. This isn’t guaranteed, but if it does make a comeback this year, it will indeed be a tempting offer that will not only help sales of the HTC Magic and Dream, but also have a spill over effect on their other smartphone products as well.


A nationwide calling plan is also rumored to be in the works. It’s a $45/month plan which includes 350 minutes, nationwide calling in the evening and weekends, and 1,000 text messages. It’s not as enticing as the 6GB/$30 plan, but this isn’t definite yet so we’re still hoping that it will undergo some changes to make it more beneficial for all.


UPDATE: The latest buzz reveals that there has been a price adjustment and the outright price of these Android phones is now pegged at $649.99. That's definitely not good news, but on the upside, the price on a 3-yr contract is a bit more reasonable at $199.99. Of course, this isn't final yet, but we'll update you guys once we receive more info on this matter.