US residents will apparently have to wait longer before they can see an Acer branded mobile phone become available in the local market.

Acer Tempo line

According to Gearlog, Acer won't be releasing any mobile phones in the US this year. They're having problems with some US carriers which has resulted in pushing back the release of their first mobile phones to 2010. From what we gather, availability in other countries isn’t affected and will still continue as scheduled. It’s just the US market which seems to have hit a major bump along the road. Granted that the North American market doesn’t really get first dibs on new mobile phone models, this unfortunate bit of news isn’t surprising at all.

However, considering that we’re just nearing the mid-point of 2009, we’re still optimistic that Acer will eventually find lady luck along the way, and that their maiden mobile offerings will still get to see the light of day in the US before the year comes to a close.