plam-pre-telstraWe know the Palm Pre will be available on Sprint in the US, but unfortunately for those residing elsewhere, we still don’t have an idea which countries will get blessed with the Palm Pre. Well, that was the case until today. Brett Murray, country manager for Palm Australia, has officially confirmed that the Palm Pre will indeed become available in Australia. This was disclosed in an article by Smarthouse. The Palm Pre will be released in Australia via Telstra and will supposedly cost 99 AUD or $222 USD with a data plan, or for 899 AUD or $667 contract-free. An exact release date wasn’t mentioned, but it was revealed that it will hit the market in the 2H of 2009.

Likewise, we still don’t know for sure which of the big three mobile carriers in Canada will be the first to offer up the Palm Pre. However, if the Telstra Palm Pre is any indication, GSM-based networks such as Rogers won’t be excluded in the list of possible carriers. Bell is rumored to be one of them, but we have yet to get confirmation on this.