blackberry-storm2This latest news might not provide us with much info as to the specs of the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2, but an assurance that a new touch enabled BlackBerry device is good enough on its own. Jim Blasillie himself confirmed this when he said “we have next-generation devices with [touch] and the whole roadmap.” We’ve already heard rumors in the past that a BlackBerry Storm 2 is in the works, but it’s only that we’ve managed to get confirmation on this matter. Thanks to the impressive sales of the current BlackBerry Storm, RIM apparently has decided to pursue touchscreen-enabled devices.

Unfortunately, neither a release date nor clue as to what new features this next-generation Storm will come equipped with was mentioned. WiFi, however, has been mentioned as one of the possible upgrades the Storm 2 will feature. Likewise, September is being rumored as its possible release date, but without any further evidence to back this up, we’re a bit skeptical of this happening.