It looks like Fido is laying down some strict rule as to the usage of their FidoDollars. Beginning today, existing subscribers who wish to upgrade their handset to a smartphone or internet device will have to sign-up for a data plan on contract if they wish to use their FidoDollars to purchase the unit.


This was disclosed by DirtyJ in MobileSyrup’s forum:

Customer X wants an 8gb iPhone and wants to use to his FidoDollars towards the purchase price. In addition to the 3-year voice plan, it’s mandatory to add a 3-year data plan now. If customer decides not to use FidoDollars, they do not have to have a data plan. Standard voice and data ECFs still apply.

So, essentially, you’ll still have to shell out some cash and won’t truly get to avail of a free smartphone upgrade with your FidoDollars. On a similar note, Fido has also implemented some changes regarding their Hardware Upgrade program. They've now shortened the period from 420 days/14 months to just 180 days/6 months from the expiration date of your contract to renew and pick up a new handset.

These new rules will surely help increase revenue during these financially challenging times for Fido, but won’t exactly be advantageous for their current subscribers. How about you guys? Do you agree with these new rules Fido has put in place or not? We'd certainly love to hear you're opinion on this matter.