The Swine Flu virus epidemic is certainly a serious issue that one shouldn’t take lightly. In light of this, a Swine Flu Tracker app for the iPhone is apparently ready for public use and is, in fact, just waiting for approval for distribution in the App Store.


IntuApps is the company behind this app which will hopefully help educate people as to the current status of this virus and its various symptoms. We still don’t know when it will get approved, but news of such a very useful and informative app just waiting for the go signal from Apple is good enough on its own. What's even better is that, from what we hear, it will also be offered free of charge.


With no clear sign that the epidemic will be over soon, the Swine Flu Tracker app will definitely be helpful in the coming months to stay clear of the contagious virus. We’re just hoping that it doesn’t take long for Apple to see the value of this app and finally approve it for distribution in their App Store.