Microsoft is now slowly getting their act together. The first good move they made was to finally announce Windows Mobile 6.5. Even though they have yet to make it available to the public, it is still, nonetheless, a good start towards the right direction.


Now, they’re also officially opening the doors to their Windows Marketplace for Mobile to application developers. If you’ve got a Windows Live ID, bank account, valid taxpayer ID, and $99 at your disposal, then you can sign up to for a vendor account with Microsoft so that you can get your Windows Mobile 6.5 application distributed through their new Windows Marketplace. Of course, it will still have to get approved for by Microsoft before it gets listed in the Marketplace, but if you follow their application submission guidelines to a tee, then we don’t see any reason why you’d have a problem in this department.

With this latest development, Microsoft is putting themselves in a strategic position in the market. Windows Mobile devices still outnumbers both Android and Apple iPhones in the global market, and with the availability of Windows Marketplace, this will definitely be a big help in Microsoft's comeback in the mobile industry. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take them another 6 months before they finally unleash Windows Mobile 6.5 because by then, they would have missed the boat for the second time around.