So far, we know that Samsung, LG and Apple are all quite pleased with their performance in Q1 of 2009, and now, you can also add Rogers to that list as well.


They’ve just released their Q1 2009 financial report and everything looks to be on the upswing. Despite of the global financial crisis, postpaid subscriptions were up and now stand at 104,000. Data revenue also improved by an impressive 43% and now makes up for 20% of the total network revenue. The most impressive bit is that smartphone activations for devices such as BlackBerry phones and iPhones was at a staggering 360,000 just for Q1 alone. 40% of this was for new activations while the rest was for existing clients who upgraded to their handset.

Here’s what Nadir Mohamed, President & CEO of Rogers, had to say with their remarkable performance in the early part of 2009.

The strength of our franchises is reflected in our first quarter results. We delivered positive subscriber trends, expanded margins, and accelerated data revenue growth at Wireless. We will build upon our solid foundation by driving continuous enhancements to our customer experience, by improving our operating and capital efficiency and by continuing to deliver innovative services and leading edge technologies that our customers have come to expect.

Good for you, Rogers. It looks like you’ve got a pretty good for you this 2009. Let’s just hope that you can keep the momentum going for the rest of the year because, as we all know, there are still some tough days ahead for all of us.

For a copy of the complete Rogers Q1 2009 financial report, you can find it here.