To help them achieve reach their goal of 10 million global sales, LG is apparently releasing a CDMA version of their popular LG Cookie mobile phone.

Called the LG KX500, this new version features all of the goodies found in the original LG Cookie and adds CDMA2000 1x connectivity into the mix. It’s expected to be released in the Asia-Pacific region starting next month for roughly $276. We’re not sure if it’ll also be made available in European and North American markets, but with a significant number of carriers running a CDMA network in the US and Canada, it would be a shame if this doesn’t get released in this part of the globe.

Anyway, the idea of a CDMA-flavored LG Gookie becoming available soon should be good news on its own especially for those who have been eyeing this affordable touchscreen phone for quite a while now but have been turned-off due to its GSM limitation. We'll report more on this as soon as it hits the market next month.