TruPhone was one of the first apps to provide VoIP functionality as well as Skype support on both the iPhone and iPod Touch, but since its release late last year, Skype has likewise come out with an iPhone app of its own challenging the novelty of the TruPhone iPhone app.


Well, TruPhone 3.0 is now available, and proves that they're not down and out just yet. Providing a simpler and easier to use interface as well as speedier performance, this latest iteration, more importantly, unlike the Skype iPhone app, also allows you to make VoIP calls using a 3G connection through its TruPhone Anywhere feature. Understandable, this isn’t free, but it only gets charged at a local rate. Using Wifi to call Skype and Google Talk users or sending IM to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Skype and Google Talk, on the other hand, are all free-of-charge.

So, if you’re a little bummed out at the WiFi limitation on the Skype iPhone app when it comes to VoIP calls, then you might want to try out the new and improved TruPhone 3.0 app for the iPhone.